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Me with some of my work, which was exhibited along with classmates.  This marked the end of the academic year, studying for our degree.  http://tandersonphotography.smugmug.com/Uncertainty/

The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within

This self portrait portrays how I sometimes feel, struggling with anxiety and depression.  The darkness within me feels like a separate entity at times; stealing my happiness.  It is a constant battle that is debilitating in many ways. I must be mindful of the negative thoughts swirling through my mind, I seek to control these intrusive thoughts for a more positive outlook.


Tracy Anderson Uncertainty 3B 4 - 16 x 20 canvas 72Tracy Anderson Uncertainty 3B 2 - 16 x 20 canvas 72 Tracy Anderson Uncertainty 3B 3 - 16 x 20 canvas 72  Tracy Anderson Uncertainty 3B 16 x 20 canvas 72

Life’s many uncertainties through the obscurity of clouds.  This project was about the practice of mindfulness techniques, becoming more aware of the present moment, through photography.  Being photo-present; sounds easy yet is difficult to do, with our mind constantly being pulled in so many different and distracting directions.

This project was shot using film, which enabled me to slow down and consider each shot more carefully, in a more mindful way.